Monday, 21 December 2009

And again

I was just raising the crust on the Christmas pork pie when I got a phone call. It was DD - broken down on Chignall Road (not far from here), waiting for the AA (who were totally inundated with breakdown calls and didn't know when they could be there) and she and DG were getting cold. Well, they would, I suppose, given that it couldn't have been much about freezing point, if at all.

So out I went, picked up DG, talked to DD, came back home, made some cheese rolls and a flask of coffee, got some books for her to read plus an old duvet and took it all round to her.
DG was as good as gold and let me get on with all my cooking stuff while he played on the PC.
Two hours or so later DG phoned from Quikfit - there was a problem with tyres, nothing too terminal in fact.

So today I have:
Saved a neighbour's car (grin)
Spent more than I can afford but got just about everything in for Christmas. I just have to get the soft drinks and I thought I would get them from Morrison's.
Made two pork pies, thrown one on the floor and dusted it down.
Made nine jars of apple and cranberry chutney for pressies.
Made some lemon and ginger refresher (a superb cordial that should help everything to settle well!)
Been a good samaritan to DD and DG!

I have NOT:
sorted out the bedrooms.

Quite a good day all found, I reckon, though. Just a shame about the mess in the kitchen.

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