Wednesday, 23 September 2009


How on earth did we get to Wednesday so quickly? At the end of this week we will almost be half way through the half term, a sixth of the way through the school year. That sounds obscene. Better start on those school reports, quick!

Today is writing simple rhyming couplets, each one starting with 'This is the bear'. Last year I got some fairly ordinary returns. 'This is the bear who cut his hair', was fairly typical of the type of response but I remember one in particular. 'This is the bear who did not care'. My dear, I know the feeling, I really do!!

And then, in the afternoon, we meet Mr Healthy, a cartoon character who, despite his name, needs help with sorting what kinds of food he ought to eat more of and what he ought to eat less of. Cutting, sorting and sticking amid cries of 'Mrs Clark, I've got two cheeses and no tomatoes'. Well, lucky you!!

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