Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Wednesday morning and . . .

. . . it looks fine and windy outside. Just as long as it's not raining, I don't mind. Our poor children were stuck inside for most of the day yesterday and, inevitably, they were fed up and restless by the end of the day. Today looks much more promising. Wind does unsettle them, but it's not strong enough for that kind of disruption at the moment.

Yesterday got some very useful paperwork done including an Appendix B and some IEPs. It's nice to have them off my mind. Now I have to write one more IEP and hold some meetings with the parents, one of which is already sorted. There's an awful lot of paperwork involved in Special Needs, so I do try to make it all worth while, which can take time. Fuzzy writing is a whole lot easier, isn't it? However, the thought of our lovely EP looking at what I write and saying 'now, Joy, what exactly do you mean by this?' is more than enouygh to keep me on the straight and narrow. SMART targets are now second nature!
An exciting bit of news - we are starting up a gym trail for some of the children and one of the pieces of apparatur we ordered has come. S and I had a think and we reckon we can now set up three or four stations, which is enough to get started. One will be balance, two will be gross motor control and one will develop fine motor control. Well, I think it's exciting anyway!

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