Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Tuesday morning

. . . and I've been busy creating PowerPoint presentations for my little dears to help them understand about how to use rhyming words (and, in a few cases. what rhyming words are). How did we manage before computers and interactive whiteboards, I ask myself? It's all just so incredibly useful and the simple visual effects hold the children's attention marvellously. I wonder when they will start bringing out some of these lovely books on disk, with effects - surely it can't be that far away?

The one we're using this week is 'This is the bear' which would be ideal for some simple animation. And with big books at the price they are, it couldn't be all that much more expensive.

Today is my SEN day again and we have our lovely Educational Psychologist in for an hour, to discuss the year ahead. She's a delightful lady, very grounded, sensible and extremely helpful. She also says what she thinks, but in a way that rarely gives offence. After that it's back into Foundation Stage after play, to do some observing and note taking for one of my colleagues who is concerned about a child. And after school there's a review meeting and a new IEP to discuss with a parent. So a busy day but a very interesting and worthwhile one, I expect.

Photo: Will with one of his favourite toys.

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