Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Tuesday morning and . . .

. . . it's my day out of class for my SEN work. On the cards today is a visit from a specialist support teacher (maybe two, in fact), an appendix B to write with the head and more Y1 assessments to do. Should keep me out of trouble most of the time. And perhaps today I will find the time to have my lunch. Yesterday I finished it after school while I marked their work.

Autumn has definitely arrived, despite the calendar telling me it's still summer. Dry, dead leaves were swirling around in the breeze yesterday and it was cold overnight - snuggle down under the quilt cold with a dash of shiver as I go to the loo cold thrown into the mixture. I wonder when the first frost will be!

I made a nice pastry-less 'quiche' last night. It's healthier because it uses yogurt instead of cream, although the load of grated cheddar kind of compensates for the lack of pastry.
Basically it's three eggs and 1.5 cups of natural yogurt, 8oz grated cheese, herbs and seasonings, a splash of water and fillings. The recipe says steamed broccoli but I used onion, spring onion, yellow pepper and mushroom, all softened in a little bit of oil. Oh, and I added a tsp Dijon mustard for flavour. I mixed all this up together, poured it into a buttered dish and baked it for about 35 mins at 170C. It was nice but the mushroom and the pepper gave out some liquid which tasted lovely but marred the appearance a little. It had fluffed up very nicely when straight out of the oven but settled as it cooled.
I made half amounts and it gave me four servings, two of which I ate then (ooops) and two left over for packed lunches today and tomorrow with salad. Economy is Good - I've just checked my bank statement and ouch. September is always a heavy month. I moved into this house decades ago in September and many of the annual bills come in now. Also, of course, it's feeling the after effects of two summer holidays. So there was a quick shuffle over of some funds from my savings to keep things on the straight and narrow and a resolution to be Very Economical for a month or so - before Christmas comes to knock it all off its perch again!

Back to the recipe - next time I will try adding chopped feta rather than the cheddar and the broccoli (or maybe cauliflower) that the recipe asks for. I think it's one worth experimenting with.

To my disgust, Morrisons has started putting Christmas things on the shelves - definitely a step too early! I know I'm not the only one who is mildly irritated by this habit of starting winter in the middle of summer, Easter comes with the January sales and as for Christmas . . .

Photo: A photo I took of the old pier in Brighton. I edited it to grayscale and then used the 'cutout' function. Also it was a bit wonky so I straightened it. Amazing what you can do, isn't it?

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