Thursday, 24 September 2009

Thursday morning

. . . and I was awake ridiculously early after being so tired last night I fell asleep just after 8. I've used the time well though, getting next week's planning done and more or less dusted. As Liz did the maths a few days ago, it means we can look ahead a bit, maybe even get a bit of the next week planned: it's Book Week, so we won't have last year's planning to base it on.

Today is games day - unless it rains. Hope it doesn't - they love their games and I enjoy it with this year's class. There are some potentially good little sportspersons in the class and they have such fun. And in the morning they have their time in the ICT suite and that's usually good fun, albeit somewhat exhausting! I like Thursdays at school!

DD has heard that the Housing Association is going to completely do out her bathroom, new everything - suite, tiles, flooring, paint - the lot. I gather they're even replastering the walls and she will have a shower and an extractor fan at long, long last. She's so pleased, and so am I - it will be well worth a bit of disruption. And best of all - they're doing it next week! Amazing!

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