Thursday, 17 September 2009

Thursday evening . . .

. . . and many apologies for the non-blog this morning. Things were a bit busy. I heard that my co year 1 teacher has been signed off for a week so I needed to get stuff sorted for her supply. All a bit hectic and I had to cancel the recorder lesson I usually give on Thursday mornings. After a busy start it was a very nice day at school with lots of smiles and happy stuff in class.

However, there was one very sad thing. For years now a delightful gentleman - lets call him D - has come into school once a week, every Thursday, without fail, to doreading with year 1 children. He attached himself to my class when I was in year 1 before, stayed with year 1 when I went off to year 4, and was still reliably there when I moved back to year 1 last year. He's just a fantastic gentleman, retired now, so kind and the children just love him - and we adults are also very, very fond of him. Anyway, he didn't turn up today and we got a phone call to say that his daughter had passed away.
We're all gutted by this news and may I ask that as you read this, you say a prayer for, or think of, D and his wife and all others so sadly affected by this. One never expects to outlive ones children . . .

Bless you, D, we are all thinking of you at Newlands Spring.

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