Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sunday morning, early, and a puzzle

I have a relatively minor but most annoying problem with my PC. When I try to import a graphic from the web into a Word document by copying and pasting, it doesn't show in my document. It's there, I can see the box outline, but there are no sizing handles and no access to formatting tools. Nor can I move it anywhere.

If I look in print preview I can see the picture. If I right click and copy (or cut) over the 'ghost-image', paste it into something like Paint Shop Pro, (where it shows fine, by the way) and then immediately copy/cut and paste back into Word, it's there, showing properly, editable and visible.

OK, I can right click from the web and save as - it then comes up fine in my documents, but yesterday a friend sent me a work sheet she had made, with some graphics, and they wouldn't show properly when I downloaded it, either by opening straight away or by saving and then opening.

It's weird and very, very annoying, as teachers tend to use graphics quite a lot, one way or another. I'm asking around, but no-one seems to know what it is . . .

Photo: Is a screen shot of what the work sheet looks like. :0(((

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