Saturday, 19 September 2009

Saturday morning . . .

. . . and my spare bedroom has been taken over. DG, being an autist, can be (almost always is) very precise. When I informed him that I'd be ready for bed at about 9:00 so he'd need to come upstairs with me, but he could watch DVDs (all my DVDs are harmless) on the old DVD telly in the spare room, he started making the room fit for purpose. Up went a selection of DVDs, up went a comfortable fold up garden chair, up went the fold up garden table (and down it went again when I said no), up went the fold up TV food table, up went the little circular stool that I use as a coffee table, up went an old cutlery box stuffed with paper, pens, sellotape and other necessities of bed sit life . . . oh, and up went one of his new Mister Men water bottles, washed out and filled with water. His reason for the extra furniture? 'I hate being bored, Nan!' Fair enough!

Then he phoned his mum to say goodnight and let her know he was OK - that's a new one, he's not wanted to do that before.

I shudder to think how long it's going to take to tidy up, but at 9:00 (he counted it down for me to avoid any mistakes) off went the computer, on went the door chain and up we both went! Bliss!

Photo: Another of the charming and so-cuddly Will

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