Monday, 21 September 2009

Monday morning

. . . and I have a poem in front of me.

When DG comes to stay, he loves to help me with my school work. He wasn't too impressed with my plans for rhyming couplets based on 'This is the Bear' so I challenged him to make his own rhyming story. It took him about five minutes to produce the following, of which he was most proud! I've changed nothing.

Among this place there's a creep
While everyone is still asleep

Aliens lurk above the street
Looking for something nice to eat

People wake up and run away
Aliens are here today

People get scared and call the poliuce
Without stopping to get their fleece

People run away and hide in place
They just run, it's not a race

Aliens attack their prey
Looking for something to eat today

People is the answer so they get scared
They try to defeat the aliens but they wouldn't dare

Who shall the aliens eat today?
An alien spots someone - his name is Ray

The aliens attack him but Ray is too quick
After all that running, Ray is sick

Ray calls the ambulance, but the aliens attack it
So therefore Ray doesn't know where to sit

Makes my 'This is the dog who sat on a log' look pretty tame in comparison, doesn't it? When one considers that he was non-verbal until he was about five years old and the 'experts' thought he would never develop 'useful' speech, it's pretty amazing, I think. DG continues to surprise us all, in many ways, on a daily basis and I suspect he does the same thing at school.

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