Monday, 28 September 2009

Monday evening

Sorry, I didn't have time to post this morning, time just ran away.

It was a lovely weekend. On Saturday I met someone who I have only known in virtuality, via FirstClass and she was as lovely as I thought she would be - she and her fiance. She wasn't fazed when I threw my bowl of soup all over the carpet (accident, honest) or when DG gave an impromptu performance of a play/story he had written just that morning, with songs, raps and actions included. It was a very moral story and I think we will all be very careful how we hold our spoons from now on (big grin)

And then on Sunday, dearest Mum and Dad (bless them) were half way between Letchworth and Chelmsford when they realised that the famous plum and apple crumble was still in the freezer - their freezer! Just as well there was plenty without it and they did make amends by producing some delicious runner beans and carrots from their garden! I enjoyed another roast dinner this evening and the boiled up carcass has produced some delicious stock, as well as all the other bits of meat for a pie of some kind! Chicken is wonderful value, even when it's an organic, free range, fed on smoked salmon and caviar, double the price type.

And tomorrow is SEN day again. Dare I hope for a comparative lie in??

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