Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A little addition

I had some ham left over from the little gammon joint last week. What I did just now was cut it into chunks and bung it into my mini chopper. Then I zizzed it and added to it a little butter and enough mayo that when I carried on zizzing it all combined into a pate. That was it! No salt needed, of course, and it tasted very nice just as it was. I could have added some grain mustard, or some chutney and maybe I will next time. It was just a little chunk of ham, barely enough for one for a main portion and it made three little pots of ham pate to spread on ryvita, perfect for my school lunches. Three minutes in total and that included washing the chopper afterwards.
That little joint has been marvellous - five meal sized portions, some chopped in a mixed salad for another meal, three pots of pate (now in the freezer) and four good sized portions of ham and lentil soup!

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