Saturday, 26 September 2009

Like mother, like daughter

Tomorrow my parents are coming to Sunday dinner. As it's one of the easiest meals to cook, I decided on roast chicken with roast potatoes and onions, and they are bringing runner beans (yum yum) and carrots from their garden. I usually then just provide cheese and biscuits but I though that as the bits of the house that show are relatively clean and tidy because of today's guests, I'd have time to do a pud as well. Looking in the fridge, there are plums and Bramley apples so I thought a plum and apple crumble would be just the ticket, as well as being easy and fool proof (and freezable).

Got a phone call from Mum this evening:
'Hello dear. I have most of a plum and apple crumble left over from today. Would you like me to bring it over tomorrow?'

Talk about coincidence! Yes, please, Mum.

It all sounds rather nice, doesn't it?
Lemon roast chicken with roasted potatoes and onions, runner beans, carrots, gravy and home made stuffing (and maybe cranberry sauce, if I remember to make it).
Plum and apple crumble with either cream or custard (haven't decided which yet)
A selection of cheeses with various crackers.

And, of course, the chicken will provide at least two more meals, probably more, plus some for Ava! Economy gastronomy rules!

And Ava seems to have settled, she's started eating and she's curled up at my feet as I type. How pleasant life can be at times.

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