Friday, 18 September 2009

Friday evening . . .

. . . and another weekend has started, this time very pleasantly as I have DG here for a sleepover, pizza is in the oven and I've been round to DD's for a cuddle with the kittens - well, kitten really as Lyra was asleep under the sofa and stayed resolutely asleep all through (sensible kitten).

It's becoming a tradition that when DG stays here I teach him to cook something involving meat. DD is a vegetarian and so was DG until he decided he would rather be an omnivore. To her great credit, DD gave him 'permission' - or maybe I mean she respected his personal decision - yes, that's a much better way of describing it. Anyway, she asked if I would teach him to cook meat stuff, as she doesn't.

I was kind of hoping for fish pie, as DG wolfed a whole one down last Friday when my parents were over and we all went out for dinner, but no - he wants to learn how to cook bacon and eggs for breakfast! That's men for you!

So here we are, me blogging, Alex watching TV and both of us waiting for the pizza to heat up. I love Alex's sleepovers.

Photo: Will looking beautiful!

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