Saturday, 19 September 2009

An addition

I didn't half feel smugly organised yesterday! It doesn't happen very often (if ever) so I'm making the most of it.

Because of Liz being off until next Thursday, she very kindly got the planning more or less done for me on Thursday and I tweaked it on Friday early morning. I decided to print it off so it was done and I printed two copies of each, one for me and one for K, my TA.
Half way through the afternoon, Debbie (supply for Liz) sent a message round the corner to my bay asking if I had any idea of the planning for next week, even just notes, so she could be a bit prepared.
This is where the smug comes in as I was able to send her a full version of both theme and maths planning, plus a message telling her that all the word sheets, resources, etc were ready and made!
As I said - smugly organised! That's me!

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