Wednesday, 29 July 2009


And a rather dull, gloomy morning it looks too. I thought we were supposed to be having a hot summer but apart from that week's overly hot and humid weather a few weeks ago, there's no much sign of it - yet.
Having cancelled my parents coming over, I feel OK this morning - definitely no worse, which is great. Fingers crossed.

There's nothing in particular planned for today although I'm hoping to get a few bits and bobs tidied up and sorted out. Just a nice, easy, flexible, summer-holiday day. I might carry on working through my Photoshop book and get some more editing skills sorted out. Yesterday I selected, copied and pasted Al's two cats, getting rid of the background, but I did it using Paint Shop Pro. Now I want to see how easy it is using Photo Shop, bearing in mind I'm no artist and do not have a steady hand for mouse control like that!

Photos: The two cats, background eliminated.

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