Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunday evening

Home now after a remarkably trouble free drive back. The M25 was a bit slow at times but nothing to complain about and I sailed gaily past what looked like a tremendous blockage at the Windsor turn off of the M4 which was only just starting to impact my way but which had already caused a backlog of several miles the other way.

So now I'm home! DD looks pretty unwell but she wouldn't let me anywhere near her or DG as I dropped off the supplies I got yesterday. DS had already set off to get the tamiflu for them both from somewhere miles away as there are no picking up points in Chelmsford. That is totally and utterly daft - for a county town not to have a pick-up point for something like this I am blessing DS with all my heart for helping out like that!

So I'm home, and no school tomorrow. It feels weird! Nice, but very odd. I guess I will get used to it though. I've spent the last hour or so looking through and editing the photos I took some are quite nice.

Photo: a view from the Blackdown Hills.

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