Thursday, 16 July 2009

Quite sad

Just one day to go and I'm feeling quite sad.
Firstly, I will be saying goodbye to my class. OK. some of the children can be a right pain and have been pretty challenging (and I'm a very experienced teacher), but I am very fond of them all and the class also contains some of the nicest, kindest, brightest and/or sparkiest children I have ever been lucky enough to teach, one way or another. So I think tears will be shed by this time tomorrow.
The other terribly sad thing is that Lesley, who has been my supply/PPA cover for so many years now, is retiring and that is a real heartbreak. She's just a lovely person, a gifted teacher and someone I count myself very privileged to know. I am utterly sure we will keep in contact, one way or another, but tomorrow is her last official day at school and I know more tears will fall, not only from my eyes but also from all my teaching and non-teaching colleagues. Lesley, being such a modest lady, has no idea how much we all hold her in esteem and respect. I just hope we can get it over to her tomorrow.

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