Friday, 17 July 2009


The end of the year has happened . . .
The children have gone home . . .
The classroom is as tidy as it's ever going to be . . . (cough)
No planning, no evaluations, no marking.

So why am I not feeling utterly elated? Why am I not on top of the world?

Well, apart from the overwhelming exhaustion which does tend to put a damper on the gleeful sprint up Everest, sadly, something happened right at the end of the day which was spiteful, unnecessary, malicious, possibly libellous and just terribly, terribly miserable and anger creating.
And it's tainted an otherwise lovely last day. Such a shame.

We had the mother and father of a thunder storm this morning, just as we had the whole school crowded into our inadequate hall for a special goodbye assembly. It was - er - interesting!! And when I came home I realised that I'd left the french window open (ooops) and the carpet was - well, let's call it damp!

And now the bottle has been opened!

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