Thursday, 30 July 2009

Most annoying

After having lots of fun with Photoshop yesterday I set to printing out some of my - er - creations (for want of a better world) to see what they looked like on paper and maybe make some more cards.

And ran out of coloured ink very quickly into the procedure!

This edited photo printing doesn't half eat up the coloured ink! However, I reckon I've saved overall because of the cards I haven't had to buy. A half decent ready made card costs a lot nowadays and while I wouldn't call my creations 'half decent' yet, they're OK and seem to be quite acceptable. A set of four or six makes a nice little pressie too.

I think I'm going to have to search through my photo folders and move all the 'quirky' efforts into one separate folder - at the moment they're scattered all over the place and it's all a bit disorganised. I had a good system going until I started the photography course; they suggested another way (because of the way Photoshop works) and now I have a mixture of two different systems, mine and theirs, which has reduced it all to a fair degree of chaos.

Wish me luck - I may be gone some time!

Photo: This was the edited photo that the previous blog picture was based on.

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