Saturday, 25 July 2009

Last evening at Al's

It's been a beautiful day. We went to Hestercombe Gardens as planned, spent the rest of the morning strolling around the woods and walks (lovely views), had a picnic lunch (always tastes better out of doors), then wandered round the formal gardens in the afternoon before setting off for Sheppy's and the Rumwell farm shop where I got several things that will serve as presents as well as two of the most delicious fruit vinegars I have ever tasted (for me!!!).

We arrived home to be greeted by a text message from DD to say that she and DG have probably got swine flu. Oh, dear!! So it was back out to Sainsbury's to get some essential supplies - painkillers, etc, plus basics like milk and bread to drop off on the way home tomorrow.

I've had a truly fantastic week here in Somerset with Alison. I was quite nervous of the drive, the distance , the fact that it was so soon after the end of the school year and so on, but my goodness, I am so very glad I came. Al's home felt just right, we have so very many things in common (even our door keys are almost identical) and it's been just great. Many, many thanks, Al - and tomorrow you can recapture your peace and quiet!

Photo: one of the many I took today at Hestercombe Gardens - well worth a visit or six if you are ever that way.

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