Saturday, 11 July 2009

Apologies for the silence

Things have been very busy here in not-so-sunny-Essex!

On Thursday morning it was bright and sunny and we all said (regarding Infant sports day) 'let's go for it' and so we did, on Thursday morning. It was lovely, all the kids had a great time and my organisation worked, thank goodness!! I got a bit fazed when I realise I had to give a speech at the end (should have been the head but she wasn't there) and I flustered my way through stuff and forgot to thank the staff - aaaarrrrgggghhhhh . . . it'll have to be a card on the staff board on Monday.

Then on Thursday evening it was Open Evening and 'meet your new teacher' time, so the school was buzzing! A nice time was had by all . . .

Friday morning was a Very Important Meeting in school with our esteemed MP, no less. It could have been tricky but wasn't, for which I am hugely grateful.
The afternoon was Junior Sports Day, and, as my bay overlooks the school field, my class had a wonderful time watching from the window or from just outside, making team flags and banners and generally cheering on their own house. No hassle, no arguments, no problems, just a lovely, free choice, friendly, fun afternoon.
And then in the evening we had our KS1 and FS staff social - a barbie round at June's. It was lovely - cool but dry and very pleasant. Many thanks for a great time, June.

So now it's the weekend again. It's raining so there go my plans for a laze in the garden with a book. And I have to go shopping as I have so many people to thank for helping out this term/year so thank goodness we get paid early because of the end of term.

Five more days . . . (beginning to feel sad now)

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