Friday, 5 June 2009

Wonder of wonders

I, the world's greatest non-pet person, have adopted a cat for the week! For very good reasons, one of DDs cats, Ava by name, is taking up residence with me for a short time. I honestly never thought I'd see the day . . . and I'm sure my American brother will have a good laugh at the thought!

On a rather more serious note, it turns out that little J needed seven stitches in his head, but is OK, just sore and bruised apart from that. After some pretty rigorous questioning of all who said that they actually saw what happened, definitely saw it, not heard about it from some one else, it transpires that he was doing something that has been strictly forbidden and got his come-uppance. I bet he won't stand on the monkey bars and jump off again - and nor will any of those who saw it! Learning by experience can be very hard, but it is a mighty effective teacher.

And finally, the V I M didn't happen, but it will happen on Monday instead (we hope). Ho hum!!
Photo: Ava, becoming acquainted with my stairs.

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