Friday, 19 June 2009

The weekend starts here . . .!

. . . with a most embarrassing moment. OK, so I've been very busy over the last few weeks and regular readers of my journal may have picked up that I'm none to keen on boring old housework at the best of times (sorry, Mum), but the place is a right mess, even by my standards, at the moment. So when there was a rat-a-tat-tat at the front door (the bell doesn't work) I nearly ignored it. That would have been a real shame because it was someone who I count as one of my very best friends, even though I haven't seen her for quite a while. She saw me through the distresses of my divorce when we first met (I remember turning up on her doorstep in floods of tears on more than one occasion), I taught her daughter to play the recorder to a reasonably good standard when she was at 'my' primary school, and generally we have seen each other through thick and thin until the recent business of life got in the way. I was mortified about the state of the place, but it was so lovely to see her again that it didn't crush me as much as it really ought to have done.

And no - I don't intend to do housework this weekend, I intend to rest and recuperate. I am utterly exhausted and fit for the scrapheap, to quote dearest grandson.

And yes - I'm going round hers next Friday after school! Bless you, Louise, I'm so glad you came round (despite the temporary red face). Here's to many good times together.

School - well, nice day. We got next week's planning done to our satisfaction (so that's the weekend freed up), the children were much more settled than they have been recently and - and - I DIDN'T GET OBSERVED IN MATHS!!! YAYAYAYAY . . . made my day, that did!

We're a sociable lot at our school. One nice thing is that every now and again the TAs organise an evening at the local pub - a main meal that costs about a fiver and a fiver in the kitty for drinks. Those of us who are local usually turn up and as we walk it's a very convivial time all round. And the next one is next Wednesday. I'm looking forward to it.

Photo: The kitties have gone to their long term home so I took last photos of them yesterday. Here's one of them . . .

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