Wednesday, 17 June 2009


No Ava so the French window is wide open and the wonderfully new morning air is flooding in! And I am noticing stuff again - such as my patio needs another de-weed. Remember I posted a photo of my fledgling training tomatoes in a hanging basket a several weeks ago? Well, here they are today with loadsa flowers and a few tiny baby fruits. Looks like I will be picking my salad tomatoes and eating them straight off, still warm from the sun. Wonderful!

The carrots in a container seem to be doing OK too: I MUST remember to sow some more this weekend.

Today is not wildly exciting but, hopefully, it will be fun. Lots of people are visiting to talk to the children about the job that they do in school and then we're making a Big Book!

Shame about staff meeting after school but one can't have everything. ;0)

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