Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Very early on Tuesday

It was a very hot night and I've been up since before 4. Of course, now I'm getting very tired and could easily have a good kip! That's life.

Yesterday brought some really great news. Dear grandson, who attends a special school and is autistic, got a high level 5 for his key stage 2 maths SATs. Bearing in mind he's not been taught anywhere near that level in school, it must be his own innate mathematical ability, so we're very. very proud of him. I believe he's the only pupil that the school has ever entered for the KS2 SATs.

English and Science haven't come back yet and won't be as high - the English, certainly, will be a lot lower, but what an achievement, eh?

Yesterday after school, we (key stage 1 and foundation stage teachers) had our annual 'order stock for next year' meeting. Now I have to write up all the order forms - sigh!! That should keep me out of trouble for a while.

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