Thursday, 18 June 2009


Yesterday went . . . that's probably the best that can be said!
Was most dismayed at staff meeting. There was a discussion about using test results to level. It turns out that some children have achieved test levels that are way higher than their all round classroom performance, ridiculously high, in fact. We've found similar in Y1 - some of the NFER Progress in Maths levels are just stoopid. OK, so yes, we can acknowledge this and start acting on the premise that teacher assessment is the Best Way To Go! However, what caused some consternation is that we all have to look again at the levels we have put on our reports (Just When We Thought It Was All Over) and make sure they are teacher assessment levels, not test result levels. It makes a whole lorra sense really and in KS1 that's more or less what we do anyway, but it was not Good News for my KS2 colleagues.
I've changed a few of my reports and printed out the new pages. The head will bring my folder back into school tomorrow so I can substitute. I feel for those who have to do more or less the whole lot though. The look of weary dismay on some faces last night was painful to observe.
And the maths co-ordinator is on the prowl today and tomorrow. Roll on the weekend.
Photo: Some rather pretty cosmos in the garden.

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