Sunday, 21 June 2009

nearly 15:00 hrs

And downstairs is looking a little reasonable now - also I have some clothes to wear tomorrow. Upstairs will just have to wait. At least I won't be utterly embarrassed if anyone turns up, just marginally, and I'm used to that!

I have another definition of 'friend' now. Someone who trusts you enough to let you house sit while she's away - especially when they live in a nice tourist-y part of the country. I haven't been down to the South-West since my two were quite young, so I'm very much looking forward to it. OK, it means an early morning drive the day after we break up, around the M25 and out west, so I'll be shattered when I get there and will need to save the celebratory alcohol until the next evening, but then I can really rest. Gorgeous!!

It's not completely definite yet so might not happen, but if it does it will be super.

Note to self: Google West Country National Trust. No point paying if you don't need to!

Photo: Kitty saying Pray,*what* do you think you're doing?'

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