Monday, 15 June 2009

Life can start again

. . . now that the reports are done. It's ridiculous, the way they take up such a huge amount of my life just when the weather picks up and the garden calls out. Thinking about the, preparing the template, working out what to put in (generically and specifically), reading through all the assessments, working out how to say the less palatable bits so it doesn't sound too negative but still says it how it is, losing sleep over them . . . and that's not counting the time taken actually getting them written, proof read, etc.
And then poor Susannah has to read every single one and put an at-least-semi-intelligent remark at the bottom. Given that there are nearly 400 children in the school, small wonder she's asking for finished ones to be handed in early! I will give her mine with an air of supreme self righteousness (or maybe not).

A special cheer for DD - who read each report carefully with pink highlighter aloft, ready to slash through the errors. What a star!! I love you to bits, thanks so much!

So moving on - this week it's 'jobs that people do in the school' with lots of significant and Very Important People coming to talk to the children, such as the ground manager, a dinner lady, the head, the bursar, the Most Important Person In The School (that's K on the front desk, who manages us all with supreme skill). Should be lots of fun!

And that reminds me - I have some number challenge sheets to make. See you later!

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