Saturday, 27 June 2009

It ain' 'arf 'ot, mum!

. . . but great weather for our June Fair. I was in charge of the 'Throwing a ping pong ball into a jar' competition. Not as easy as it sounded! The school field was heaving with people so we ought to have made loadsa dosh for the school.

Just to slightly digress - we're so lucky with our parents' association. They work jolly hard and raise significantly large amounts of money to benefit the school in various ways. A lot of our swimming pool was due to their hard work raising the necessary money to qualify us for other finding, the electric blinds in the hall skylight windows were largely funded by them (and very expensive they were too), not to mention books, ICT equipment and the like. I doubt any of them are reading, but if any of my readers are supporters of a school parents' association - you are wonderful people and I hope the school very much appreciates the work you do.

Back to me! There are two big things I have to 'do' as new KS1 co-ordinator. One is Sports Day and I think I'm on top of that now. The other is the big stock order that we're going to do on Monday. I spent a couple of hours this morning getting my head around it and I think I now understand the process, thank goodness.

It was nice to be able to put work problems aside for a while. It's still there, niggling in the background, but not forcing its way to the front of my mind at the moment, thank goodness. I slept well last night and I'm sure I will do the same tonight as well. Being tired can be a disaster when things 'hit' and as next week is likely to be 'trying' I'm glad I'm catching up a bit. It's all aided by a couple of bottle of Old Speckled Hen which I really like. This is really a legacy from my ex and late who loved the stuff and introduced me to it decades ago!


Photo: Indie in the process of cleaning her naughty bits.

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