Friday, 19 June 2009

End of the week!

Friday again. PPA for two hours this morning, then maths, then Golden Time and gymnastics. I rather like Fridays!

Well, usually I rather like Fridays, but today the maths co-ordinator is on the prowl and might come in to watch my lesson.

I don't know what it is about being observed that I don't like. I'm a pretty experienced teacher, not far off possible retirement age, I teach in an open play environment where anyone passing can see what I'm doing, I've never had a 'bad' observation, the planning is all it needs to be, I've survived four OFSTEDs with very positive comments each time - but still I have wibbles and bad dreams the night before I'm likely to be observed. I guess that underneath it all I'm just not a very confident person - never have been and probably never will be. That's me and my life.

As I've said before, I have a pretty awkward class this year in some ways. They don't all pull together, they don't work as a team, group activities can be a nightmare and so on. So I was dreading yesterday's literacy which was all group interaction, planning and making together, working as a team. I thought very carefully about my groupings and decided to bung the most awkward ones together in one group so that the other groups could have a clear run. And, blow me, if it didn't work a treat. I had to keep a close watch on that one group, but they seemed to keep each other down quite well and managed to work together for some of the time - very pleasing!

Photo: Potential carrots! Quite a nice little weed too!

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