Sunday, 7 June 2009


Stoopid cat! She got into the kitchen, got behind the units and wouldn't come out for ages. I suppose, with hindsight, if she'd got stuck, she'd have yowled, but I was a bit worried and phoned DD (who must have thought I was a right idiot) asking what I should do! She's an indoor cat and I don't think she could have got out - the only holes in the wall are a ventilation brick and the tumble dryer vent, which, of course, is covered by the ventilation hose, but I didn't totally know.

And then out strolls madam and has refused to talk to me ever since . . . I suppose that's fair enough. She's been taken away from her man just when she feels like a bit of how's your whotnot, she's been dumped in a not-cat-friendly house, her sister and nieces aren't here, her mum forgot to bring over any toys and I think she's realising that this is for the longer term (OK, about a week). I suppose she's entitled to sulk and I guess it was a distraction from the perishing reports!!

Anyway, she won't get behind the units again, as the photo shows! Very rough and ready but it blocks the gap!

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