Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Catch up news.

Regular readers of my blog will be glad to know that yesterday's V I M, postponed on Friday, went ahead and was very helpful indeed. That's one to cross off the list now.

The NFER maths test also went ahead and the results were very pleasing indeed - we (Liz and I) were chuffed with most of them. No-one has failed to make 'measurable progress' this year, most have exceeded their personal target, many have achived higher than the expected level and my Practical Little Boy has got into level 1 at last!! YAY!!!!

Little J was back with a head like Frankenstein's monster (seven stitches) and so full of himself he was a right pain. I can see that some squashing may be in order today to get him back to normal size again. Fortunately, most of the others do NOT think he did a terribly 'good' thing and are not inclined to hero worship.

And Ava's still not talking to me much!

Today is Tuesday again so it's back to SEN for the day - clearing the paperwork for yesterday's V I M, which has suddenly become not at all complicated and then getting on with the stuff for another child! Never ending . . .

Photo: stones and roots.

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