Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sunday morning . . .

. . . the sun is shining, it's warming up after a chilly night and already there's a load of washing drying in the fresh air while another load is in the machine, which is most satisfying.. I do love early starts - everything is fresh and clean, as if it's been polished by the moon and there's very little noise from the nearby road. A great shame it's not warm enough to sit out yet, but give it a few weeks and I'll be eating my breakfast outside! Bliss . . .

So what's t0 do today? Well, I am very much hoping that Daughter and Grandson will come swimming with me before they come here for tea; that would be ideal, but if they don't, maybe I will go by myself. And, unfortunately, there will be a pile of ironing, although it smells wonderful when the clothes have dried outside. It'll be good to get it done anyway!

The healthy eating started OK yesterday and is carrying on today with home-made baked beans on home-made wholemeal toast for brekky, followed by some fresh fruit. Shame about the copious amounts of fresh coffee, but one can't have everything, can one? Lots of things are negotiable - crisps and alcohol, for instance - but coffee remains an essential. Must go and top up!

Photo: Brighton last year.

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