Saturday, 23 May 2009

Saturday again and I'm looking forward to filling the gaps in my 'flower' beds with such staples as trailing lobelia and the like, having raided the garden centre yesterday. Once they're all in and established, they should look very nice indeed.

I was a tad miffed yesterday - I had just tidied up the front bed, got rid of a few weeds, etc, came inside to put away the broom and when I went back out again there was soil all over the concrete again. Some menace of a cat had decided that as it was all tidy, it was the ideal time to perform the usual! So out came the broom again, out came the cat deterrent and, peeping out this morning, it seems to have done the trick, albeit temporarily.
I'm not sure how often I have to reapply the stuff - must check the container. I know the creature is only doing What Comes Naturally, but I don't want it to be on my flower bed, thank you!

I heard, via the school grape vine, that one of our former pupils, a very pleasant lad, has become extremely interested in gardening and wants to make that his career. He is interested in 'pocket money' jobs in the area and I think I will contact the family to find out what he is prepared to do. I don't need anything lavish, just general maintenance stuff and it would be great if he would take it on on, say, a fortnightly basis. His sister is still at the school (year 6) and is one the the nicest girls I have met - I had her in year 1 and again in year 4 and she was a real pleasure to teach.

For the rest, it's weekly shopping day and I'm going to be even more lazy and use the mobile car washers that frequent the car park at Sainsbury's. Round our way we're a bit bereft - Somerfields, just over the road from school, closed on Wednesday! How are we going to manage? No popping over to get more milk, a pressie and card for a colleague, a treat for the class, something for the afternoon lesson . . . We will have to be Organised and Plan Ahead.
It will re-open as Morrisons, but not until August. It's in its fourth incarnation now: when I moved into the area it was Keymarket, then Gateway, then Somerfields and now Morrisons!

Well, the sun's up, it looks as if it's going to be another beautiful day and I need to get going!

Photo: View across Streele Farm

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