Saturday, 16 May 2009

A relaxing day

It ought not to be though, there's such a lot to do, but reading the last couple of posts, I think I need a break so I'm having one.


This morning I used some of my cat and kitten photos to make a cat calendar for Grandson, something he asked for for his birthday. It's not calendar season, of course, so Daughter promised him one for Christmas. I had a brainwave (most unusual) and made him one from May to December. So that was relaxing.

I then wrapped it up and drove round to D's to give it to him. The kittens were up and lively so we had a good play with them and I took some photos of them.

Then it was Tescos - not so nice, but had to be done.

Home now! When I've finished this I'm going to put something on the DVD and fall asleep over it. And then it's study time - after all, it's now week 3 and I haven't finished week 2 yet - ooops!

Photo: Either Jett or Mocha, it's not easy to tell on a photo

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