Monday, 18 May 2009

Monday again

Strange how every week has to have a Monday, even if it's sometimes called Tuesday (as in bank holiday weeks).
Monday, the start of a new week, maybe a new theme, maybe even a new job! For us at school it's the start of four days to complete the topic, tie up the lose ends, get the display board in the entrance finished and generally wind down a bit, if possible.
For me the week contains some important meetings as well as the usual stuff - may they go well!

I'm glad the sun is shining. Yesterday, when I was feeling grotty, it rained on and off all day, there was a strong wind and it was all very un-May-like. Today looks more promising and it's cheering.

And - just remembered - today is the last playground duty I will have to do before September. YAY!

Photo: Sofia watching her babies

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