Thursday, 28 May 2009

How can I get to this age . . .

. . . without knowing that 1ml of water weighs 1g?

I've been testing my breadmaker after some dodgy looking results (which still tasted fine, by the way), weighing and measuring the ingredients very carefully. It was while looking up some breadmaker recipes on the Internet a couple of days ago that I picked up that nugget of information and it's proven really helpful when loading the bread pan with the ingredients. But how come I, a reasonably experienced cook, didn't learn that one a very long time ago? Maybe because when I learned weights and measures it was all imperial? Maybe because it's relatively recently that scales measured in both metric and imperial? Who knows? But I don't half feel silly!

As for the breadmaker results:-
Honey and sunflower seed loaf: perfect
Basic white loaf: perfect (and that was one I had problems with earlier)
I'm now doing a spicy fruit loaf and then I will try a wholemeal (which is the one I do most often)

It looks as if the problem was either the yeast or the amount of liquid, those being the two things that have changed (I'm now measuring the water by mass rather than by volume). And thank goodness for freezers and daughters/grandsons who like my bread otherwise I'd be needing to feed the five thousand!

Photo: Mocha snuggling down on my lap a few days ago - bless!

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