Friday, 22 May 2009

Friday: Report writing day!

Yeah, sure it is!!!

Well, I got something muddled in my last message. It wasn't hair time yesterday, it's next Thursday. I was relieved - I felt so tired, I was bound to go to sleep in the middle of it. Luckily, I checked! Before I got there, I mean!

Yesterday's V I M went smoothly (phew). There was an unexpected attender, invited by someone else who neglected to tell us. It turned out to be a blessing and I was pleased with the way the meeting went. It helped that the paperwork was prepared (thanks for all the help, Liz) and very few amendments and additions were needed.

So now it's half term (OK, report writing day). I went to bed ridiculously early so am now awake and doing, but I can feel the tiredness lingering so will be able to have another couple of hours kip soon and still be in time for the morning.

My schedule for today - proposed.
more sleep
visit daughter and goo over the kitties
more sleep
bit of housework
bit of gardening
more sleep
make and eat dinner
watch rubbish TV
more sleep

Sounds good to me! Where's the report writing, do I hear you say? Maybe tomorrow . . .

Photo: sea view taken from Brighton pier

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