Monday, 25 May 2009

Bank holiday monday . . .

. . . and I put my garden table and chair out in optimistic hopes. Sadly, it's all clouded over and I've brought the chair back in again (as it's padded). The table can be wiped if it gets wet. No rain yet, but it looks a bit doubtful. What a shame.

The garden's nearly finished now. I just have to plant a few things at the front and then I want to get the carrots in! I've decided I will grow carrots in containers. I don't need a lot, not just for one person, but if I sow some today, some in a fortnight and some a fortnight after that I shouldn't be overwhelmed. Worth a try anyway and I can get all the pots ready today, with the water retaining granules and the slow release growmore thingies mixed in!

Photo: A sort of arty view of a log. I love the colour.

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