Thursday, 26 March 2009


Yesterday my class had a supply teacher as I was out of school.

I was expecting D., an ex parent who knows the school and knows my class. Instead, I got an agency teacher. I'd prepared relatively brief notes for D as more detail wasn't necessary. Unfortunately, that would not have been enough for anyone new to the school. Ooops!

I was in for the first hour of the day so was able to give more detail verbally. I'm sure she was OK - she seemed very competent - but oh, the guilt!! It wasn't the lesson planning; I always do that in some detail. It was all the other things - Reading Revelry, playtime fruit, register routines, changing groups for phonics, library time and the way it's organised, lunches . . . so much to remember in what was really just a normal infant school day.

I hope she had a lovely day in spite of it all and - whoever you are - thank you!
Photo: A few years ago we had the most glorious sunset. I was still at school and managed to snap some views of it. Here's one of them, looking over the playground.

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