Monday, 30 March 2009

Five more day to go . . .

. . . before the end of the term.

I'm so tired at the moment. 'Get up later then' do I hear someone say? I wish I could, but I just do wake early. Even in the long summer holidays rarely do I sleep later than about 6:30 and then once awake I have to get up.

Actually, early mornings are gorgeous. In the winter it's dark and spooky and cosy inside and in the summer the air is fresh and clear (usually) and invigorating. All the doors and windows get opened and the whole house freshens up - fantastic in those very hot days we get at times.

The other thing is that I don't work terribly well in the evenings, being very tired after a day at school, whereas in the mornings I can think a lot more clearly. Even now, when I seem to be tired all the time and my brain aches.

Only five more days to go!

Photo: My daughter's kittens, taken nearly a year ago. Cute.

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