Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Cheat's cherry ice

This is a nice one. Quick and easy and very 'diet'-friendly! It'll also help towards your seven a day.

Ingredients: (to serve 1)

Some cherry low fat yogurt. I use half a pot of Mullerlight Cherry yogurt.

Ten to fifteen frozen cherries (Sainsbury's does them), frozen.

You also need some kind of a processor. Because I make a single portion, I have one of those little mini things that's ideal for this.


Put the yogurt and the cherries (still frozen hard) in the processor and zizz until the cherries are all bashed up. As you process them, the cherries will start to freeze the yogurt and you end up with a soft frozen mass.

Eat immediately, or put in the freezer until needed.

Warning: If put in the freezer, it will go really solid - don't leave it there too long.
Today's photo is, again, totally unrelated to the above. It's inside Peak Cavern, Derbyshire.

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