Sunday, 29 March 2009

Bread and tomatoes

The staff of life, they say. Wonderful stuff, tasty and satisfying. So why does most of the bread we can buy taste positively the opposite. Flabby, insipid, unsatisfying . . . dreadful stuff.

I have a bread maker but recently I've started making a non-knead, rise in the loaf tin bread that I think is absolutely delicious. It's called the Grant Loaf and, I gather, was created during WW2 as a quick and nutritious alternative to the infamous National loaf.

There are loads of recipes on the Internet so I won't post one here, but just to say I use stoneground wholemeal, oatmeal and a good handful of sunflower seeds (they're on the top in the photo, but now I add them to the dough) and it's absolutely delicious!

On my toast this morning I had fried tomatoes. The tomatoes were not terribly flavoursome so when they were soft (fried in a little olive oil) I added a little squidge of tomato puree, some black pepper, some oregano and a little Philly light. Oh, and a very small pinch of sugar. It was absolutely scrummy and went with the Grant toast like a dream.

That's it for today - see you tomorrow!

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