Monday, 23 March 2009

Apple for the teacher.

Sometimes, rewards can seem few and far between for a teacher. There's the sheer delight when one of my children says something funny, something to share with other. There's that 'buzz', like no other, when a child understands something for the very first time and a look of 'Oh, I've got it' shines on their face. There's the smile from a pleased or relieved parent. There is, of course, the security of a regular salary and relative job security, something that is very much valued in these less than secure times.

On the other hand, there are many brickbats that come our way at times. All the ills the beset society have, at one time or other, been laid at our feet. Government has been quick to blame teachers for the failure of policy that has (let's be charitable here) proven to be less workable in practice than in theory. Inspection teams used to go into schools with the intention to criticise and blame: thank goodness those days seem to have passed now, but the hurts remain and will take a very long time to heal for those of us who were teaching in early OFSTED days.

So when I got the news yesterday evening that an Internet friend has been nominated for an award, I was thrilled for her. She has a tough day today with associated lesson observations, assessments, interviews, etc, so all the best to her. She's a super teacher and well deserves recognition, both for herself and on behalf of all other outstanding teachers. I hope she has a great day and that 'they' acknowledge just how good a teacher she is.

The photograph today is another from Streele Farm, this time from last year's holiday.

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